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"Indigo Grey: The Passage is the award-winning short, directed by Sean Robinson..."

"This film is about taking risks and exploring the lines between fantasy and reality," said Sean Robinson...

"Directed and edited by fellow Brooklyn resident and filmmaker, Sean Robinson, Indigo Grey: The Passage is a synthesis of varying art forms showcasing a sweeping score composed by Amy Lee of Evanescence and Grammy-nominees Dave Eggar and Chuck Palmer."

"...Indigo Grey: The Passage, a short film with elements of sci-fi, dance and martial arts."

Indigo Grey: The Passage "The film is elaborately choreographed, and writing music for dance steps..."

5 Questions with Filmmaker Sean Robinson of Naked, Puritans

"Directed by out Brooklyn-based filmmaker Sean Robinson and scored by Amy Lee of Evanescence…"

"Award-winning filmmaker Sean Robinson now brings "For Which We Stand," a documentary feature film produced for OUTmusic and the LGBTQ Academy of Recording Arts."

Out filmmaker: Growing up gay motivates his success

Filmmaking Grad Sean Robinson’s “Indigo Grey: The Passage” Features Hammerstep and Soundtrack by Amy Lee

In “Indigo Grey,” directed by filmmaker Sean Robinson and featuring the score of Amy Lee from Evanescence and Grammy-nominees Dave Eggar and Chuck Palmer, the action begins in an old warehouse…"

"Directed by Brooklyn based filmmaker Sean Robinson, who recently spoke to Billboard about the film…"


"Indigo Grey: The Passage continues it's festival tour with a New York City premiere at the Film Society of Lincoln Center…"

"Director Sean Robinson says of the film, “I’m very excited to be directing this socially and politically pro-active feature-length documentary film that will not only spotlight queer music culture, but will keep the torch of LARA burning as the fight for equality moves into the next era.”

"The new short film Indigo Grey: The Passage…"

"Indigo Grey: The Passage" was directed by award-winning, Brooklyn-based filmmaker Sean Robinson — who describes the short film as being about "taking risks and exploring the lines between fantasy and reality."

Garden State Film Fest Filmmaker Sean Robinson Commissioned to Direct, Asbury Park's Paul Warner to Produce

"Sean Robinson's film gave a little more than a dance routine, with an reluctant and dreamy intro which gives the choreography some narrative sense."

"Over the summer, director Sean Robinson came to Carriage House Studios with Grammy nominees Dave Eggar and Chuck Palmer to record a 5.1 surround sound mix of the score the two had composed with Amy Lee for “Indigo Grey: The Passage”

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